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LONDON — Johnny Depp’s slander body of evidence against a British newspaper that blamed him for mishandling ex Amber Heard was wrapping up Tuesday, with the star’s attorney demanding Depp had never hit a lady and marking Heard “a habitual liar.”

The “Privateers of the Caribbean” star is suing News Group Newspapers, distributer of The Sun, and the paper’s official proofreader, Dan Wootton, at the High Court in London over an April 2018 article that considered him a “tank top.”

In shutting contentions at the three-week preliminary, Depp’s legal advisor, David Sherborne, said the on-screen character unequivocally denied “this notoriety annihilating, profession finishing charge.”

“He has never hit a lady in all his years — period, full stop, nothing,” Sherborne said.

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Judge Andrew Nicol will resign later to think about his decision. He is relied upon to hand down his decision in a little while.


Neither Depp nor Heard is being investigated, however it has been anything but difficult to overlook that during a case that dismembered their harmful big name relationship.

Depp is the petitioner in the common case, NGN and Wootton are the respondents and Heard is their fundamental observer. To overcome Depp’s criticism guarantee, the paper must convince the appointed authority that, on the equalization of probabilities, its story was exact.

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NGN’s legal advisor, Sasha Wass, said in her summarizing that there was no uncertainty Depp “routinely and deliberately mishandled his better half” thus the “undershirt” mark was defended.

In any case, Sherborne said The Sun’s article — which asked J.K. Rowling to have Depp terminated from the film variant of her book “Phenomenal Beasts and Where To Find Them” — gave the bogus impression Depp had been “attempted, indicted and condemned” for aggressive behavior at home, and contrasted him with previous film magnate Harvey Weinstein, who has been imprisoned for sex offenses.

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“Going about as both appointed authority and jury, the respondents doubtlessly and decisively express that Mr. Depp is liable (of a) progression of genuine and vicious criminal offenses,” he said.


The different sides concur that the connection among Depp and Heard, which started after they met on the arrangement of 2011 parody “The Rum Diary,” soured some time before they separated in 2017. Writings, messages and chronicles confirm the inexorably severe relations between Depp, presently 57, and the 34-year-old model and on-screen character.

In any case, they differ totally over who began and raised their battles.

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Heard cases Depp transformed into a vicious modify self image he called “The Monster” affected by liquor and medications. She claims 14 separate occurrences in which he hit, slapped and pushed her, pulled her hair and tossed bottles at her “like projectiles.” The appointed authority was indicated photographs of Heard with bruised eyes, red imprints all over and a harmed scalp — affirmed proof of Depp’s viciousness.

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Depp considered the charges a “scam” and asserted that Heard hit him, in any event, cutting off the tip of his finger with a tossed vodka bottle. Under interrogation Depp conceded headbutting Heard during a tussle, yet said it was unintentionally as he attempted to stop her punching him.

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Heard recognized having a touchiness and said she punched Depp once in March 2015. Be that as it may, she said it was to forestall him hitting her sister.

Sherborne blamed Heard for more than once changing her story during the preliminary, and said that during a “snapshot of unscripted perniciousness” in the observer take care of, she’d made up gossip that Depp had pushed previous sweetheart Kate Moss down certain steps.

The legal advisor said Heard was “an entirely problematic observer and honestly a urgent liar — and I don’t state that daintily.”


The preliminary has given a very close and frequently unflattering gander at Hollywood fame, uncovering subtleties of Depp’s life of riches, extravagance, enthusiastic unrest and substance misuse.

Depp recognized substantial medication use, saying he took pot, cocaine, happiness and enchantment mushrooms, and got dependent on narcotic painkillers. Yet, he denied drugs made him fierce.

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The couple’s relationship crumbled against an exciting global scenery. Depp’s private island in the Bahamas, a Los Angeles penthouse, an extravagance train and a personal luxury plane were all areas for savagery, as per Heard.

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Depp said in the observer box that he had made $650 million since he joined the worthwhile “Privateers of the Caribbean” establishment — and wound up $100 million paying off debtors after his monetary consultants fail to pay his expenses for a long time. He said his significant costs included $5 million to send the cinders of his artistic saint, medicate powered columnist Hunter S. Thompson, into space.

The couple’s relationship additionally left an exorbitant path of demolition. Harm to a leased house in Australia after one squabble was evaluated at more than $100,000. The couple’s midtown L.A. penthouse was destroyed during another contention. At a certain point, feces was left in their bed — regardless of whether by a canine or an individual is contested.

1:12Johnny Depp claims he cut off association with Heard over ‘dung’ occurrence

Johnny Depp claims he cut off association with Heard over ‘dung’ occurrence


English slander law is broadly considered to support petitioners over respondents, yet Depp could wind up a washout regardless of whether he wins.

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Depp said he sued The Sun since his vocation had been hurt by Heard’s claims. Be that as it may, the claim has given the cases an immense worldwide crowd.

“It nearly bums conviction that anybody normal has indicted this case,” said Mark Stephens, a media legal counselor at lawful firm Howard Kennedy. “Presently, I realize that numerous individuals say’s everything regarding vindication. It’s everything about demonstrating he’s not a tank top. Be that as it may, the stakes are extremely, high for everyone. What’s more, at some level, mud sticks.”

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Heard additionally has had her character addressed and has been blamed for manufacturing proof. A #MeToo lobbyist, Katherine Kendall, claimed that Heard appropriated a rough assault that happened to Kendall for her own closures.

Heard has confronted maltreatment from Depp fans via web-based networking media. Depp’s supporters have likewise been a customary uproarious nearness outside court, with some holding signs perusing “Equity for Johnny.”


Not likely. Depp is suing Heard for $50 million in Virginia over a Washington Post anecdote about abusive behavior at home. The preliminary is expected to be held one year from now.

Stephens said that if Depp “loses in London, he’s practically sure to lose that American case. So this is somehow or another a dress practice for the subsequent case.”

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